Monday, May 11, 2009

King Wizard Gorl2 Returns From A Dragon(Club Penguin) Part2

...Gorl2 had seen a place working inside the dragon. When the dragon eat him they say that they been also been swallowed by the dragon and they work a new thing, it's called crown pin and then they started to feel sad. They say 'we can never get an idea to get out of here' but Gorl2 has an idea. He says that he had a contact with puffles.
Then he contacted the puffles and the puffles heard the call. They all go to the cave and beat the dragon. The puffles defeated the dragon and the dragon released Gorl2 and the penguins who is also with the dragon.

The End (this part is the last part)

King Wizard Gorl2 Returns From A Dragon(Club Penguin)

[Gorl2 is the king of the wizard]In one day Gorl2 is the leader of knights wizards and jesters.And then they went to the castle and Gorl2 tell the king of knight club ''their are three fortress in each place one is wizards from lighthouse and two is knights in here and three evil soldiers in ski hill''.As they tell to the king they fastley leave and went in the cave and they meet a dragon they fight the dragon and Gorl2 hit the dragon and the dragon burn Gorl2 and he ate Gorl2.

To Be continud....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Serpent And Demon King

In a long time ago, there was a powerful serpent king Ma Su Honda. He can match Orochi.Orochi tried to defeat Ma Su Honda.But Ma Su Honda has taken Orochi's power.Soon Ma Su Honda has created his army.He always creates an army everyday with 1 trillion.Soon he has battle his enemies with an officers.

The End.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Continuation Of The Coalition Army

...Coalition army was going to fight with the giants. King Tiara and his lion Gieto is fighting. Wu and Shu guys in Coalition army has slay, but they have 5 more life left they have drop in King of Tiara`s village and they fight stronger very stronger like King of Tiara and his strong army.

Su Sie and her army started to fight again. King Tiara and his army fight her. Su Sie was slain and her army. Her army was 1,000 and good guys are 1 million and together the coalition army is 2 billion they all fight stronger and strongest by their ambushes and allies they won every battle.

no more continue blogs, some day is all about Su Sie and her armys.

The End

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coalition Army, Dynasty Army and King of Tiara

The King of Tiara`s village had been attacked by Sue Sie Army. Then 23 peoples has been slain. Some of them have swords and spear and some of them have no swords. They had metals. Then one of the officer of coalition army told King of Tiara to go to the village. He put the fire in his body with his lion Gieto. Then when he see the village, he won the the batttle. The village people also won. Then they go trying to fight with them using electronics that Dynasty give them. They did it. They just control it by slaying the enemy. The enemy are getting electronic.

to be continued...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Holidays 2008 in the Philippines (1)

Here are some of the pics taken during our trip to the Philippines for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
A shot at the 2 hour stop at Hongkong Airport.

Icen is evidently excited to see his Lola Mommy, Daddy Boy, Titos, Titas, and equally kulit cousins.